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Hello and welcome to Hewetson Ridge Clothing. My name is Sarah, and I am a stay at home mum to my one year old daughter and three year old son. 

Here at Hewetson Ridge, you'll find gorgeous handmade items, and every garment I sell here has been carefully designed and sewn by me. 

Although I have been sewing since I was a child, it wasn't until after my son was born and post natal depression struck that I rediscovered the joy I find in sewing and the accomplishment in seeing an idea come to life and the pride in doing something well.

I started making my own clothes, as well as clothing for my children and was soon being asked if I could make them for other people too. 

You wont find anything mass produced here, everything is made in small batches with a focus on quality, comfort, character and practicality. The Kids clothing specializes in a Grow With Me style, designed to fit over multiple sizes without compromising on style, quality or practicality.

It's a real privilege when I get to share my passion with other people, and I hope you get as much joy out of wearing your Hewetson Ridge Clothing, as I get making them for you!!!